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Investigador privado

Detective Agency Fox founded back in 1999 by Ivan Ivanov, a former longtime police officer, and since then - a private detective in Bulgaria. In the Detective agency Fox use professional methods for efficient solution to the customer using all means allowed by law.

Detective Agency Fox is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and detectives have extensive experience in both the private and business inquiries own servers for monitoring and research projects nationally and internationally. Private detectives from detective agency Fox can successfully operate across the country, neighboring countries, and in countries of the European Union.

For optimum performance of the tasks, Detective Agency Fox has detectives with considerable experience in detective services. Do not ignore the extensive network of contacts built up by detectives in almost all areas of public life, and many other detective agencies who work together in many of the cases the bound. Detective equipment is always the most modern to be 100% guaranteed results for investigation, search and proof of facts and circumstances of any given case.

When investigating infidelity, family / marital conflict, premarital study tracing and investigation of persons tracing debtors, fugitives, exploring personal or business partners, business / corporate investigations and other detective services, private detective agency will offer the best and most efficient options for this case, while a competitive price, appropriate to the nature of the case and the time required for quality and performance.

Call or send an inquiry e-mail to detectives in Fox with a detailed explanation of your desire to be honest with your proposal! Do not hesitate - meeting with us will guide you easier to make the right decision! We are experienced detectives!

Detective privado Ivan Ivanov - anonimato garantizado!

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