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Corporate Investigations

Detective Agency Fox is based in Sofia city, Bulgaria, and is a detective agency with experienced professional detectives in private and business investigations. Contact us in need of supervision of business partners, detecting and locating debtors survey of employees.

Observation System

Companies and individuals generally ordering equipment to meet their specific needs and price is the main and decisive factor. However, decisions based solely on low price may prove more costly in the long run if a wrong choice.
Fox Detective Agency offers delivery, full or self-management of technical equipment and staff training.

We can offer you

  • Systems for audio and video surveillance
  • Systems for satellite tracking
  • Security systems

Company research

  • Finding the origin of the failures of the company stock (internal disloyalty)
  • Investigation of job candidates and business partners
  • Collection of information on creditworthiness, goodwill and trustworthiness of companies and individuals
  • Identifying and documenting cases of unfair competition, unfair agreements, infringement of trademark, industrial designs, patents and intellectual property
  • Identifying and documenting cases of industrial espionage and breaches in corporate security
  • Study of the commercial market and provide actual data to more effectively market performance

Protection of property

We offer professional consulting services, human resources and equipment to ensure the safety of staff, property and business interests of clients.

БСК предупреждава родните фирми за измамници

БСК предупреждава родните фирми за измамници

Българска стопанска камара предупреждава за активизиране и разнообразяване на измамите на основата на ...

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